Experts in developed and emerging markets agree that the future of the automotive industry lies in new mobility solutions, urban orientation and connected car concepts.

Alternative power trains are gaining traction, with hybrids and fuel cell engines currently outselling battery powered electric vehicles.

City planning is affecting how people use cars worldwide and connected car solutions are gaining ground. Using a car when it’s needed rather than owning one is becoming more acceptable to the connected generation, and social networks are playing an increasing role in how people choose which cars they buy and drive.

With our SAP know-how and automotive industry expertise, we understand that you’re driven by customers’ increasing expectations. In a globalized, competitive industry, they demand an improved driving and ownership experience. For your automotive supplier network, this means you need to be receptive to every customer relationship. For instance, providing a reliable, consistent and flexible service for your after sales service. Reducing delivery times for service parts, automating your maintenance services, speeding up repairs and managing warranties more efficiently. All of which can give you an advantage over your competitors, as well as increasing customer satisfaction.

We integrate systems that bring together people, data, processes and tools such as CAD. And with SAP solutions, you can save time and reduce waste in both mass production and custom design methods. As a result, you can gain more control over your logistical chain for even the most complex, interdependent and global manufacturing processes.

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