Post Joint Venture IT Integration


VECV (Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicle)


CIO Advisory


Post Joint venture Integration of IT Environment to make use of best of both organization


Based on detailed business process studies and possible synergies, we have done the seamless integration at the cost which was ~40% less then originally allocated fund as part of JV process.


It was 50:50 Joint Venture between AB Volvo and Eicher Motors Ltd to build and sell Powertrains and Commercial Vehicle using’s there technology capabilities and dealership network. Our Consultant’s got engaged to perform the IT Due Diligence to identify the IT landscape which must be integrated in order to provide significant business value. We initiated with determining integration points and gaps. We also developed an integration plan with risk profiles and establish tentative timelines and run the integration program with the stake holders from Volvo and Eicher.

Project Details

Diseno Consulting engagement started few month prior to Major Product Launch. By the time our consultant got engaged, IT integration project was already behind the schedule. We started working with all stake holders which includes business and technology team from from Volvo and Eicher, to determine the pain areas and common integration point. We developed business process document and mapped to technology piece for development and Integration between system. We helped define required IT infrastructure and build the end to end solution landscape.

The Diseno Consulting Difference

Diseno Consulting developed System landscape and integration framework, also successfully facilitated post Joint Venture discussions with all stake holders, provided current state summary and recommendations highlighting action summary, support needs, timing, risks and estimated incremental and operational costs. Our involvement provided a clear understanding of the impact and risks of the Joint Venture and successfully performed the Integration with no disruptions in service at both end in any of the geographic location.

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