M&A IT Divestiture


Integrated Energy Company


M&A Technology


Greenfield Marketplace implementation , with ever changing business requirements based on suppliers and customers


After detailed analysis of business model and other marketplace solution, the goal was to grow their business through a more robust ecommerce solution, and improve the customer experience.


Customer is an integrated energy company with activities in natural gas, power and oil, focused on multi-commodity wholesale, trading and sales, as well as energy infrastructure and industrial assets. Customer manages energy generation using multiple sources which includes water, wind, geothermal, solar and biomass plants. Customer is the most technologically diversified company operating in the renewables sector.

Project Details

The team’s approach to the data carve-out consisted of two main steps. During the first step, a copy of cloning customer productive SAP system, which had been created at the start of the project, served as a basis for the final handover to the buyer. In the second step, we used SAP Carve Out tool (With US Patent), to delete the closed document and cleanse the data which was sensitive in nature and must not be used by Buyer. Detailed planning and thorough testing made the final cutover – which took place over a single week-end – a success. Immediately after going live with the system copy from customer which contained only data from the sold companies, the buyer was able to continue its business operations.

The Diseno Consulting Difference

After the kickoff, the project team made a meticulous analysis to detect dependencies between the company codes to be carved out and the company codes remaining with Future Energy. Within this analysis, the team had to identify all organizational units, business processes, and related data. Furthermore, it was necessary to close all cross-company-related business transactions to guarantee data consistency and continuity after the final cutover. Our methodology proved to be the right choice. Neither Seller nor the buyer encountered any of the issues that had been typical of former projects that used traditional SAP Carve Out approaches. Those issues had included erroneous accounting and controlling assignments, missing master data, and inappropriate user authorizations. The major achievement of this successful project was the management of failure-free running systems for both Future Energy and the buyer of its divested companies.

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