Supply Chain Transformation


Major Defense R&D


SAP Value Assessment


Due to nature of business, criticality was very high and task was to move from manual warehouse operation to Digital.


As part of transformation process customer was able to achieve better visibility of inventory, and greater degree of control.


Customer is major defense R&D player and global frontrunner in developing avionics and navigation systems. The customer is responsible for development of missile system and also design, development and participation in production of missile avionics like Inertial Navigation Systems, Control Systems, Real Time Embedded Computers, Imaging Infrared Seeker, Radio Frequency Seeker and Power Supply Systems.  The Infrastructure facilities established include state-of-the–art Electro Magnetic interference / Electromagnetic Compatibility, Environmental test facility for climatic and dynamic testing of Missile Avionic Systems and Compact Antenna test facility.

Project Details

Client was using log register, excel and local database for inward and outward inventory. Even though warehouse was well managed with detailed storage location and bin demarcation, it was still a humongous task to locate and track the goods within the warehouse as well as in assembly line. To improve service level through productivity and improve throughput, project initiated to outline the IT strategy for business process improvement. Focus was also Producing accurate forecasts that drive the supply chain process also Sharing transparent and reliable information for decision-making as well as Create stock transparency for effective inventory management.

The Diseno Consulting Difference

For this engagement, we worked closely with leadership team from both IT and business. To conduct a thorough assessment we assembled a diverse team of consultants who brought deep experience in the industry and the competitive landscape, supply chain transformation and lean processes. To understand the situation from top to bottom, team members made site visits, collecting data and building a database that included assessments of supply chain processes, capabilities, and issues.

Diseno Consulting business strategy built on our expertise in strategy, technology and advisory to help clients perform at the highest levels. Using our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and technology capabilities, we identify new business and technology trends around SAP and develop solutions to help clients.