Manufacturers around the world need to meet the demand for shorter cycles of innovation, products designed around customer needs and global service support. To this end they require excellent operational structures and processes as well as agile, responsive supply chains and effective product portfolio management. Most companies cannot offer all this without massive investment in business management and IT capability.

You can operate more efficiently and achieve higher quality standards with the right SAP solutions for manufacturing. Whatever you produce, we can help you make it better, faster and cheaper.

Our SAP know-how can help you meet demand across multiple channels. It’s vital you have a robust strategy to deal with the growing complexity of customer service management. You’re only as good as your last interaction, so you need to manage every customer relationship. And providing a reliable, consistent and flexible service at each touch point, helps you transform your after sales service.

Diseno Consulting business strategy built on our expertise in strategy, technology and advisory to help clients perform at the highest levels. Using our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and technology capabilities, we identify new business and technology trends around SAP and develop solutions to help clients.