Business Process Optimization

A Business Process Optimization is the primary artifact of process management and improvement. Cross-functional business processes are the only way any organization can deliver value (products or services) to customers, and other stakeholders outside the organization. This gives the Business Process Optimization primacy. This discovers, defines, and documents the value pathways. More than just a picture or a model, it is a daily aid to strategic and operational management in an organization focused on continuous improvement and delivery of service excellence.

Business Process Optimization includes not just the hierarchical description of process activities, but also the related resources, documentation, performance measures, measurement methods, and governance arrangements.

More than just a picture or a model, the process Optimization is a daily aid to strategic and operational management for continuous improvement and delivery of sustainable customer service excellence.

Our Approach for Business Process Optimization:

  • Identifying and understanding the organization’s strategic intent
  • Discovering the organization’s value propositions
  • Naming and mapping the highest level (level 0) core processes
  • Decomposing the level 0 core processes to level 1
  • Decomposing the level 1 processes to level 2 business processes and so on
  • Documenting and decomposing the shared management and support processes

Our Business Process Optimization Service Offering:

  • Discovery and documentation of the process Optimization
  • Definition of the key performance measures for processes in the Optimization
  • Development of governance arrangements for ongoing process management
  • Mapping of process Optimization to strategic objectives
  • Mapping of process Optimization to organizational functions
  • Process Optimization health check to assess status and development activities.

Business Process Optimization Service Benefits:

  • Choose wisely:   Every organization has many processes; where is the best return-on-effort in process analysis and improvement?
  • Get real:   Translate the highly-crafted words of the mission and vision statements into the practical reality of how those promises are delivered.
  • Focus on value:   Develop and maintain a process Optimization to constantly focus the whole organization on value delivery.
  • Create powerful conversations:   Asking “who are our customers and what value do they get from us?” forces profound discussions.
  • Get moving:   Focus everyone on value delivery by defining, measuring, reporting and discussing process performance.

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