Strategy and Operations

Whether you need to grow and scale, do more with less, or improve customer experiences, we can support you at any stage of your strategic journey. And more important, identify and build the capabilities you need to solve problems and evolve your strategy long after we’ve left.

With rigorous analysis, our Strategy & Operations team quickly identifies strategic fail points and untapped opportunities. And that saves our clients a lot of time and money.

We’re your essential partner in accelerating business value—through integrated enterprise planning, business model innovation, agile adoption, and stakeholder engagement. Our consultants have a passion for helping clients create integrated IT ecosystems that strengthen brands, maximize mission impact, and realize sustained ROI.

Our teams develop executable recommendations that align tangible initiatives to business goals. We apply industry trends, proven practices, and our firm experience to define and implement outcome-based strategies.

We focus on developing integrated business technology strategy by assessing top-down business needs with bottom-up technical capabilities to align on a realistic path forward in a way that is fiscally responsible and as self-funding as possible.

We offer a range of strategic and operation services and some of those are:

  • We an IT plan whether it's for the implementation of a new system, improving the use of an existing system or a complete overhaul.
  • We focus on all aspects of the customer lifecycle—awareness, acquisition, sales, service, loyalty—to help identify opportunities to improve the customer experience, drive conversion, and increase sales.
  • We define the strategic business directives that continue through the creation of the technology implementation roadmap.
  • We provide our clients the tools to effectively optimize and align their technology architecture, applications, services and processes, and we work with you to build a governance structure capable of carrying out your business’s goals.
  • We seek to understand business goals and develop roadmaps that support the business vision, rather than addressing technology in a vacuum.

Diseno Consulting business strategy built on our expertise in strategy, technology and advisory to help clients perform at the highest levels. Using our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and technology capabilities, we identify new business and technology trends around SAP and develop solutions to help clients.