SAP Strategic Value Assessment

In many cases during an ERP implementation, organizations are so focused on their go-live that they do not plan beyond that date. Once a company has gone live and has stabilized their environment, the SAP ERP system becomes the information backbone in their day-to-day work life. Value Realization is an iterative approach and is the next step in the evolution of your SAPERP system to ensure continuous improvement. This phase allows you to evaluate your SAP environment, assess the need for modifications or additional capabilities and fine tune your system. The goal is to optimize the use of SAP solutions and secure your enterprise's competitive position.

Diseno Consulting helps organizations maximize the return on their SAP investment. As part of our Value Assessment offering, we review your Key Performance Indicators, evaluate whether they are the most pertinent for your industry and work with you to establish a baseline of your current results. This process enables you to measure the value achieved from your ERP implementation and from all future process improvements and technical modifications. Our Value assessment focus on -

  • Value discovery. Your organization is full of untapped value. Diseno Consulting can collect data and perform discovery analysis to determine which of your company's business processes hold the greatest potential for optimization. By focusing your SAP implementation on these processes, you can help ensure your project will deliver the greatest bottom-line value.
  • Value realization. There's a saying in business that "what gets measured, gets done." We also believe that you can only capitalize on the value you can actually measure. Diseno Consulting will work with you to ensure you're well equipped to measure the value you're achieving from your SAP implementation.
  • Value optimization. You'll get the most value from SAP software when you take action on your analysis and make changes that increase the overall efficiency of your workforce. Diseno's consultants can help you "close the loop" in your analysis to drive continuous enhancements in your business processes.

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