Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestiture

Mergers and acquisitions of companies or a spin-off of a part of a company's business are frequent ways to gain particular financial benefits and to increase the company's goodwill on the market and for shareholders. Business reorganization is a huge legal and organizational undertaking. The IT area also requires a detailed analysis of changes and adaptation needs both with regard to the law and the SAP technical infrastructure and application layer.

Executing M&A requires companies to understand business, operational and IT ramifications of Consolidation and Integration. IT infrastructures are not always assessed during the formative stages of an M&A event. This can lead to serious business and technology misalignments when integrating two organizations. The key to a successful acquisition is to develop a decisive integration plan that accommodates business, operational and IT aspects.

Our consulting platform helps enterprises to assess these potential pitfalls and help align strategies, operating models, and IT assets, ultimately helping the enterprise gain a business-centric view of the necessary IT transformations by considering Business Capability, Application, Technology Standards, Process and Information Portfolios within context of the acquisition or merger.

Divesting business assets holds many of the same challenges of M&A as business needs to understand the capability, operational and technology impact and consequences of a divestiture. We work with business stakeholders to analyses the enterprise implications of a divestiture and develop remediation plans for loss of strategic business and or IT capabilities so that the remaining business is not adversely impacted by the event. We help enterprises understand the post divestiture landscape and develop any necessary transformational initiatives representing the pre and post state of the affected enterprise capabilities and portfolios.

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